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Al Haring Parts & Service Manager Ext. 160
Bob Eder CFO, Purchasing Ext. 130
Cyndee Marx Office Manager Ext. 100
Greg Martinsen Production Manager Ext. 110
Jack Martinsen CEO, Warranty & Shipping Ext. 120
Josh Zifko Designer/Draftsman Ext. 350
Joe Kohegyi Director of Marketing Ext. 210
Randy Rust President, Partner, International Sales mgr. Ext. 140
Paul Webb Mechanical Engineer Ext. 320
Joe Haugen Mechanical Engineer Ext. 300
Tara Oliphant Accounting Ext. 200
Tom Westlund Material Resource Planning Manager Ext. 340
Will Davis North American Sales Manager Cell. (660)-973-1935
Jacob Bakker Purchasing Ext. 240

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