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CE Certified Scrapers

CE certification is required for scrapers placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA).




The CE certified direct-mount scraper is designed for contractors who focus primarily on site preparation, road construction, and other full-time scraping applications. This scraper's hitch transfers weight, which maximizes your loads per day. To increase your production and efficiency even further, these scrapers can be hooked in tandem while using only one tractor. To find the appropriate drawbar for your tractor and scraper, visit Ashland's drawbar website:


*The following product profile links have been provided by an Ashland distributor in France. 


CE Certified Direct Mount
Model Horsepower Capacity
860 TSE 180+ HP 11 cu yd
1020 TSE 200+ HP 13 cu yd
1200 TSE 240+ HP 15.5 cu yd


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