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Dolly-Wheeled Scrapers

dolly-wheeled-scrapers i-130The dolly-wheeled scraper features the same quality as our direct-mount style, but with no need for a specialized scraper drawbar. Perfect for agricultural and industrial use, the weight of this scraper and its payload are carried entirely by front and rear wheels. The front dolly wheels also provide excellent ground following ability, independent from your tractor. If you do not have full-time scraper work, the dolly-wheeled style will allow you the freedom to easily switch between different power units.



Model Horsepower Capacity
I-950 140-300 HP 9.5 cu yd
I-110 XL2 175-350 HP 11 cu yd
I-130 XL2 200-450 HP 13 cu yd
I-155 XL2 250-450 HP 15.5 cu yd
I-175 XL2 300-450 HP 17.5 cu yd


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