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Ashland offers high quality direct-mount and dolly-wheeled scrapers for large, articulated 4WD tractors.


Agricultural and Industrial 1
  • Shipping: I-950 thru I-175XL2


    Ashland Earthmovers can be arranged to ship together in a variety of ways. Ashland will coordinate freight for you upon request, or you can make your own arrangements. On a standard 48 ft flat bed or step deck trailer, possible scraper combinations include:

    - (3) I-950s
    - (2) I-950s and (1) I-130
    - Any combination of (2) scrapers

Heavy Industrial 2
  • Shipping: I-180TS2 and CS18-HD


    For Ashland's larger scrapers, two machines will fit on one 48 ft spread axle aluminum trailer. The trailer must be capable of carrying a 50,000 lb payload.

    If two CS18HDs ship together, each scraper will be assembled with two of its four tires. Likewise, I-200TS4s will be assembled with three of four tires. Additional tires will ship separately at ground freight rates.


Exports 3
  • Shipping Overseas

    Ashland scrapers are used around the world, in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, and more. We will work with you to coordinate a shipment overseas. In addition, your export shipment could qualify for a special 3% discount off the price of your wholegoods order.

    By packaging some parts inside the scraper bowl and mounting the scraper's pole on top of the machine, we're able to ship two scrapers per sea container. Ashland will arrange freight to the port you specify and communicate their arrival to your vessel logistics provider.

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